So last night I launched my own social enterprise….

I’ve been working within the third sector for the past 8 years in a number of different roles, however I have found more recently – there has been more of a need for folks to prove that their ideas work and evidence the social value of their projects and social enterprises. For those who rely on funding, it is becoming more and more difficult to find it without tangible evidence that there is a

need for their service or intervention and that they are achieving what they are setting out to do.journey

The idea behind How About? came from years of working with community groups who struggled with idea of impact and believe it requires a PhD even to begin to understand (for the record, I don’t have a PhD) – this is a myth which I hope to dispel.

How About? aims to provide our primary service users (social enterprises and community groups) the tools in which they can carry out their own research and engage their target users more effectively by helping them to develop their ideas and prove that they’re creating a positive impact in people’s lives. And when they haven’t got capacity to do it themselves – then we’ll step in to help!

Our main mission statement is about creating better connected communities through a greater understanding of each other through engagement, evaluation and understanding impact.

Taking a closer look, we want to help social enterprises and community groups engage their communities more effectively to achieve a greater understanding of their primary service users and their needs; evaluate projects and interventions to help develop ideas and projects even further, and helping to evidence impact to show they are creating a social impact.

We will be developing our company over the next few months and having a launch party / networking event in November where we are hoping to invite community groups, social enterprises and local businesses to the Cornwall area. Eventually, we hope that these will be quarterly events which will see us deliberate and collaborate using the range of skills and experiences that we all bring to address problems, develop ideas and make new friends.

If you are not a community group or social enterprise – we still offer a service – however this in turn will help us subsidise our work with smaller groups which will mean:

This service will be more accessible for these smaller groups and social businesses by removing the cost factor and in turn create a more positive impact
You can be seen as supporting our primary service users.
So there we go, I hope you will follow us on our journey and stay in touch. If you are interested in attending the November event or want to have more information, then you can email us on:, follow us on Twitter: @HowAboutUK and like us on Facebook here

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