A glance to the future

This year has been a year of change – some of which has involved celebration, some of which has involved grieving however all has been defining my future steps. How About? was originally set up as a response to what I saw around me – a culture which thrives on data and information and offers […]

A Heart for Community

A few months ago Peter and I were filming a short video ready for the How About? launch party, when I was asked when I got involved with community work. I responded by talking about how I got involved with community work around 10 years ago when my eldest son was born. But after we […]

The Start of a New Journey

So last night I launched my own social enterprise…. I’ve been working within the third sector for the past 8 years in a number of different roles, however I have found more recently – there has been more of a need for folks to prove that their ideas work and evidence the social value of […]