What is How About?

How About? is a research and evaluation service for community groups, charities and social enterprises.

We want to help you see how you’re changing the world

How About? will help you prove to funders that there is a social need and that you’re the ones to address it.

Once you have addressed that need we’ll help You show how you’ve addressed it and the positive change you’ve made by doing so

How About? can help you to do this for yourselves: We believe that through your own research and evaluation you will be empowered to make further change and thus make your community a better place.

Our knowledge comes from experience: We are a bunch of community engagers, social innovators and entrepreneurs who wish to make a positive impact and have done so and are still doing so.

By working with us – you will benefit from insight in to your community, your project and how you’re affecting the community around you.

You will benefit from being attractive to funders, benefactors, stakeholders and partners. You will have robust proof that you are the ones to make a change and that you will make a change.

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